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VDO products distributer in UAE, Dubai

Continental VDO is one of the German car spare parts manufacturers. This company is one the leaders in representing aftermarket solutions and services. Most of this company’s products are related to car electronics and mechatronics parts.

VDO products

The range of this company’s products are so diverse and some of this products are :

Tire pressure monitoring systems

Engine actuators

Windshield and headlight cleaning systems

Fuel systems

Instrumentation sensors

Engine management sensors

Service and diagnostic equipment

VDO products in Dubai & Sharjah

Hiba auto parts online website is one the easiest platforms that provides all types of this manufacturer’s products at a high level of availability with the lowest price in UAE.

VDO products price

This car spare parts brand produces car spare parts with a satisfying quality and an affordable price for its customers.

VDO continental

This brand is mostly famous for its Fuel pumps and fuel systems. and it produces its products for car companies like BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. other German cars spare parts are also covered by this company.