Common design weakness in the cabin and interior design of all BMWs produced between 2011 and 2016

common weakness in interior design of BMWs 2011 to 2016

If you are one of the fans of BMW or you are planning to buy a BMW model between 2011 and 2016, there are a series of acute and serious weaknesses in the interior design and plastic and leather parts used in these cars. be a slave In this article, we will examine all the weaknesses together and we will also examine why an automobile company like BMW, which has always been one of the top 10 brands in the automobile industry, has suffered such a fatal error.

BMW Interior Weakness

The use of poor material in BMW spare parts is strange, but really, why did the engineers and designers not be careful enough in choosing the decorative items inside the BMW cabin? We will show you strange incidents and breakdowns that you will definitely need to buy spare parts for.

Door Handler

One of the most common breakdowns is the interior leather handles in BMW that melt. It is really a special and strange problem that causes nerves and the color of melted leather can make your whole car dirty. All handles face this problem after some time of use. BMW 520, 528 and 530  are flag bearers

You need these:

Door handle set (red wine) , BMW 5 series F10

Door handle set ( Black) , BMW 5 series F10



BMW door handles leather

Windows Switch

Another problem with the BMW cabin is the failure of the window keys, usually the key cover is out of place or the keys don’t work at all.

You need these:

Switch window lifter , BMW X6 E71

Door Window Switch Single , BMW 5 Series F10




BMW Windows Switch

Dashboard Buttons

Discoloration of the keys on the dashboard, such as the low and high keys of the air conditioner, or the seat heating key, makes your car look old and damaged, and has a great impact on the visual effect.

You need these:

Prdoduct 1

product 2 

BMW A/C Control button

Engine Start Button

Among the other buttons on the dashboard that are discolored is the engine start button, while this button is not used much.

You need these:

Prdoduct 1

product 2 

Engine and Hand Break button

Center Console Door

The leather door of the BMW center console is not safe from damage like the rest of the leather interior components, large cracks and leather dryness and tears are very common.

You need these:

Prdoduct 1

product 2 

BMW Center console door

Gear Hand

The plastic of the steel design around the gear lever and the handbrake button fades over time and becomes inappropriate

You need these:

Prdoduct 1

product 2 

BMW Gear shift cover

Cooler valves

It doesn’t matter if the air conditioner valve is front or rear, after some time of use, its blades break and come out of place, even the digital buttons of the rear air conditioner valve are damaged.

You need these:

Fresh air grille (center) , BMW 5 Series F10

Fresh air grille (rear) , BMW 5 series F10

BMW A/C Grill front and Back

Why low quality in BMW

You must have heard that some factories, after production, if the car encounters basic problems that violate the standard or is dangerous, they ask the owners to take the car to the dealers and replace the dangerous part with a new model. It is also completely free. But this usually happens in spare parts and I have never seen automobile manufacturers recall cars for defects and damage to leather and plastic parts inside the cabin.
But it is unlikely that problems like this will occur from a car manufacturer with high standards like BMW. In the following, we will examine why BMW has this fundamental problem.

1. Cost Reduction and Cheaper Production:

To cut production expenses, some businesses could opt for speedier or less expensive materials, but this could mean a drop in quality.

I doubt that the reason for the poor quality of the interior leather and plastic parts used by BMW was due to cost savings, because BMW cars are not cheap anyway.

2. Continuity of Technology and Engineering:

Poor engineering and technological continuity can occasionally result in problems with quality. A company’s goods may suffer in quality if it does not use cutting-edge technologies and maintain its production procedures up to date.

Again, BMW is one of the pioneers of technology in the field of automobile manufacturing, did the research and development team at BMW not really test the quality of the required materials before use. Of course, nothing is unlikely, but I don’t think so.

3. Misuse of the Supply Chain

Issues with the raw material supply chain may negatively affect the quality of the final product. Low-quality suppliers could be used by manufacturers in the supply chain.
We all know that many large manufacturers produce part or all of their parts in China, and the reason for this is to lower the cost of production. You can even see this story in brands like Nike and iPhone. One of the main reasons that can be considered a common reason for BMW is perhaps this. Outsourcing in production has become common anyway.

4. Issues in the Production Process

A drop in quality can be caused by technical problems in the production process, such as flaws in specific components or inadequacies in the methods for quality control and testing.
Do you think that BMW made a mistake in the production stage, considering the outsourcing, I don’t think this is the case with BMW.

5. Changes in Management

Revisions to the company’s management or policies may result in changes to the goals for quality and priority.
I have not found reliable information that there have been any specific changes in the management team, so this is also out of the question, because a company of this size and discipline is unlikely to go off the rails.

Final Words

With all these shortcomings in BMW cars produced between 2011 and 2016, it doesn’t matter which room it is from BMW F25, BMW F26, BMW F30, BMW F10, BMW F32 Other models have these common problems.
The least BMW could do is apologize to its customers for this shortcoming and explain the mistake with a postcard. But even this company did not post an announcement on its official website. It should be noted that in newer models, these problems have decreased and they have tried to solve them.

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