Should we buy BMW 3 Series Convertible (E93) In Dubai or not?

BMW E93 review and most common failure

Do you love BMW like me? If you are a car enthusiast, BMW 3 Series is definitely one of the most popular on your list. It doesn’t matter which generation of Series 3 we are talking about, Series 3 has been very popular with everyone since day one. In the following, we will examine only one specific model, the BMW E93. And we will discuss with you whether buying this car is wise or not?

BMW 3 Series History:

Beginning with its launch in 1975, the BMW 3 Series has a long and illustrious history. It has developed into one of BMW’s most popular and recognizable model lines over time, continuously raising the bar for luxury, performance, and driving dynamics.

1.First Generation (E21; 1975)

BMW E21 in Dubai

The E21, which debuted in 1975, was the first of the 3 Series. Initially available as a two-door sedan, it set the tone for the compact executive automobile sector. The E21 came with a variety of four-cylinder engines and agile handling.

2. Second generation (E30; 1982)

BMW E30 in Dubai

The first M3 performance variant and four-door sedans, coupes, and convertibles were added to the 3 Series lineup with the 1982 introduction of the E30. In addition to introducing advancements like the Z-axle rear suspension, it carried on the heritage of nimble handling.

3. Third generation (E36; 1990)

BMW E36 in Dubai

When the E36 was released in 1990, it featured new engines, including six-cylinder models, and a more aerodynamic appearance. It kept adding body types to the inventory to diversity it even further, including a little variant called the “Compact.”

4. Fourth generation (E46; 1997)

BMW E46 in Dubai

When the E46 was released in 1998, it had a more streamlined appearance along with further performance and technological improvements. With its inline-six engine producing high revs, the E46 M3 set the standard for sports sedans.

5. Fifth generation (E90/E91/E92/E93; 2004)

BMW E93 in Dubai
The E90 series brought in a new 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six engine for the 335i vehicle as well as a more contemporary look. This generation also included the E92 coupe and E93 convertible. The V8 engine was exclusive to the M3 model.

6. Sixth generation (F30/F31/F34/F35; 2011)

BMW F31 in Dubai

With an emphasis on lightweight design and fuel efficiency, the BMW F30 generation—which was unveiled in 2011—carried on the evolution. It had a selection of engines, including turbocharged four-cylinder models. An inline-six turbocharged engine powered the M3 when it was back.

7. Seventh Generation (G20/G21, 2019–Present)

BMW G20 in Dubaia

The most recent version of the 3 Series is the BMW G20 generation, which was unveiled in 2019. It has a new look, better technology, and a range of engines, including electric and hybrid versions. The high-performance legacy is carried on by the G80 M3, which was released later.

Most Common Failure on BMW 3 Series E93

BMW 3 series convertible E93 is available with different engines in the Dubai market, it should be noted that the room of this model is the same and the difference is in the spare parts of the 3 series, because different engines are used in it. Of course, you can see differences in the interior design and its options, for example, some of them come with a monitor and some don’t. The BMW room is the same overall with the same chassis.

Petrol Engine Power
BMW E93 320i 170 hp
BMW E93 325i 218 hp
BMW E93 330i 272 hp
BMW E93 335i 306 hp
BMW E93 M3 420 hp
Diesel Engines Power
BMW E93 320d 177 hp
BMW E93 325d 197 hp
BMW E93 330d 231 hp

The BMW E93 convertible is subject to a number of problems over time, just like any other car. Individual experiences may differ, therefore it’s vital to remember that a car’s dependability may vary depending on a variety of factors, including upkeep, driving circumstances, and level of care.

1. Convertible Issues:

The E93 is a convertible car with a retractable hardtop, however some owners have complained about problems with the system that operates the convertible top. Mistakes, leaks, or problems with the roof not opening or shutting properly are examples of problems. To avoid these problems, the convertible top needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

BMW E93 Convertible Issues

2. Electrical and Electronics:

In general, BMWs are renowned for having highly advanced electrical systems. A number of electronic parts, including electrical connectors, control modules, and sensors, have been the subject of complaints from certain E93 owners. Certain features or warning lights on the dashboard may malfunction as a result of these problems.

BMW E93 Electrical issues

3. Water Leaks:

Particularly convertibles may be vulnerable to water leaks. Water leaks in the cabin have been noticed by the owners, particularly after a lot of rain. Weather stripping and seals should be inspected frequently to assist avoid or resolve this problem.

BMW E93 Water Leak

4. Suspension Components:

The suspension system’s parts may deteriorate over time, as is the case with many performance-oriented vehicles. Suspensions problems with struts, shocks, and other parts have been reported by owners. Ride quality can be preserved with routine maintenance and prompt replacement of worn parts. Be careful, BMW E93 shock absorbers are very expensive, even though they are old models, they are also very rare

BMW 93 Suspension

5. High-pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) Issues:

Some BMW models, notably those with turbocharged engines, have suffered problems with the high-pressure fuel pump. Hesitancy, stalling, and rough idle are possible symptoms. BMW has extended warranties and conducted recalls for this problem in a number of models.

BMW E93 High pressure pump

6. Oil Leaks:

There are several places where oil leaks might happen, such as the gaskets in the oil filter housing and valve cover. Regularly checking the engine bay for indications of oil leaks and fixing them quickly will help avert more serious problems.

BMW E93 Oil leak

Be careful that other common problems such as gearbox knocking, water pump and thermostat failure, heater radiator are very common in this car.

Shall I Buy or Not ?

Of course, a car that was produced in 2007 and until today, which is 2024, has lived for at least 17 years. What do you think ? My opinion is not very positive for the following reasons:

  • Spare parts are scarce
  • The price of spare parts is very high to be installed on a car of the same period
  • There are many basic problems in the roof and convertible and difficult and expensive repairs

Of course, the decision to buy is yours, but be sure to show the car to a skilled mechanic and check the car on a jack before buying.

Final Words

I love the fat and wild look of the BMW 3 series, that is… but my experience in selling spare parts in Dubai has shown that the era of buying and selling this model from BMW has passed. The parts of this model are much more expensive and rare than the 90 model. Of course, it goes without saying that very clean and low-functioning models are also available in the Dubai market, even if you find such a car to buy, be sure to show it to your repairman and know that you will call us one day to buy BMW spare parts.

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