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Textar products distributer in UAE, Dubai 

Textar is one the most well-known manufacturers in brake friction industry. This aftermarket brake pads and disc manufacturer provides customers with high-qualified products at fair prices. This German based company has been the leading supplier of friction since 1913. This company produces more than thousands of brake pads and brake equipment for all German cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche.

Textar products

This company covers a wide range of car’s brake related products such as :

Brake pads

The advantage of this brand’s brake pads are :

Minimised noise and vibration

High-end braking comfort

Developed and tested for OE

Increased visual appeal

Brake discs

The Textar brake discs are precisely tailored to the brake pads so to improve the optimum brake result.

Brake drums

This company’s brake drums provide the highest levels of strength for better heat resistance.

Brake shoes

Service products

Brake fluid

Brake fluid is one of the most important fluids for a car, to ensure the perfect operation of the brakes, the brake fluid must be changed regularly during inspection or maintenance and tested with the correct brake fluid tester.

Dot 3, Dot 4, Dot 4 LV, Dot 5 are the comprehensive range of Textar products.

ABS sensors

ABS sensors are part of the Driving stability system and they monitor the wheel speed and transmit the current signals to the control unit.

Brake tools

Textar products price

In comparison to the Original brake pads for German cars, this factory’s products are cheaper and more cost-effective. They produce brake equipment for cars like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, VW, Audi and some bunch of European cars like Maserati. This brand is among the top 3 brake pads company in the world. it also produces brake pads for Japanese cars like Toyota.

Textar brake pads in Dubai & Sharjah

Textar brake pads and other brake equipment are available with the best price and quality in Hiba auto parts website. This website provides all your needed products from This brand all over the UAE.

Aftermarket brake pads

Textar is one the most famous brands in producing brake pads for all sort of cars. sometimes the original brake pads for BMW or Mercedes or other car brands are produced by this company. So we can conclude that their quality is acceptable in a way that the car company order its required brake products to this brand.