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Reinz products distributer in UAE, Dubai 

Victor Reinz is a German aftermarket car spare parts company. Most of its production belongs to car motor parts. This German company mostly manufactures car parts for German cars such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen and so on. besides German cars other European car parts are produces by this brand.

Reinz products

The company’s products has a vast diversity and some of its products are :

Cylinder Head bolts

This company’s head bolts comply with all manufacturer specifications, and are matched perfectly to head gasket sets. When reassembling a Cylinder head, always be mindful to use new head bolts.

Oil seals

The most important types of dynamic seals are oil seals. The use of oil seals are mainly for rotating shafts, and valve stem seals. This action helps to reduce the flow of oil through the cylinder-head into the combustion chamber.

Intake manifold gasket

Exhaust manifold gasket

Valve Cover Gaskets

Reinz products price

The price if Reinz products are fairly affordable and the quality is also satisfying at the same time. This German aftermarket car products are mainly produced in Germany. but the brand itself is a sub brand of Dana (the original manufacturer in the north America).

Reinz products in Dubai & Sharjah

If you’re looking for a online platform in UAE which provides this company’s products in a large quantity and availability, Hiba auto parts is the best suggested online platform.

Victor Reinz gaskets

This company’s gaskets are the best among the other competitors such as Elring. and it is more sought after and known for the best qualified gaskets that it produces for most German cars.