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Porsche products distributer in UAE, Dubai

Porsche Genuine parts includes the spare parts that are manufactured by the company itself. this parts have warranty because the main company produce them and in terms of quality, the genuine parts are more satisfying.

Porsche spare parts

The range of by parts are vast and some of these parts are :

Body parts like :





bumper grille

tow bumper cover




Front and rear axle parts like :

Swing bar 

Stabilizer link

front and rear shock absorbers

ball bearing 

Consumable parts like :

motor oil

gearbox oil

brake fluids

oil filter

air filter

cabin filter

Porsche spare parts price

The genuine spare parts prices are higher than the aftermarket prices. First reason is the warranty that they include and the other reason is probably the better quality. you get what you pay for. this is absolutely true when you compare the genuine part and the aftermarket parts.

Porsche OEM parts

Hiba auto parts is one of this company’s dealer in UAE especially in Dubai and Sharjah, so all your required OEM parts are available with the best quality.

OEM parts versus aftermarket parts

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Aftermarket auto parts are parts made by third party companies based on OEM part designs.

Which is better?

Honestly, OEM parts are going to be your best option. you will also have some kind of warranty with the part. It is not true to say that aftermarket parts are bad though. you can find good alternative aftermarket parts that will be comparable to auto parts made by OEMs. in addition, they don’t always come with warranties. The cheaper price may also be convincing but you have to consider the quality too.