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Hengst products distributer in UAE, Dubai 

Hengst is German company that specialized in Fluid management, crankcase ventilation systems as well as filter systems for oil, fuel, air and cabin air filtration. The head office is located in German. This brand is one of the most famous manufacturers of oil filters for German cars like BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.

Hengst products

This German company produces filtration systems for cars and trucks. Some type of the products that it covers are :

Oil filters

air filters

cabin filters

motor oil

brake fluid 

gearbox oil 

Hengst products price

This German brand is on the most famous aftermarket spare parts brand which produces consumable parts for all cars. This cars are all German cars, American cars and European cars. The price of this products are way more affordable than the original parts. Alongside of the a cheaper price, the quality of the products are also satisfying.

Hengst products in Dubai & Sharjah

Hiba auto parts in one of the online spare parts providers in Dubai & Sharjah. All the aftermarket German brands that you require is available in Hiba.

Car filters and consumable parts

There are few car spare parts companies that their consumable products are high quality. some of this manufacturers are : Mann, Mahle, Meyle and … .