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Elring products distributer in UAE, Dubai

Elring Klinger is a German automotive supplier and car spare parts manufacturer headquartered in Germany. The range of this company’s products are diverse. It covers most of the car parts. All the Elring auto parts are available in Hiba auto parts with the best quality and the cheapest price in the market.

Elring spare parts products

This car spare parts company usually manufactures :

lightweight components

electric drive units


Shielding systems

transmission control plates 

tool technology

This German company sets industry bench marks. It helps to achieve environmentally compatible mobility. This company also supply an extensive range of spare parts to the aftermarket sector in more than 140 countries.

ElringKlinger aftermarket brand 

As an automotive supplier, this brand has become a trusted partner to its customers. With a commitment to shaping the future of mobility. Be it optimized combustion engines and high-performance hybrids, this brand provides innovative solutions for all types of driving systems. The price of this company’s spare parts are also cheaper than original parts. It economically benefits car owners, because they buy something both cheap and high-qualified.

Elring products in Dubai & Sharjah

Hiba auto parts is one of the most trusted online auto spare parts company’s in Dubai & Sharjah. It provides wide range of German car spare parts brand.

Car spare parts online

Providing car spare parts by the help of an online platform, helps you to save time and it provides you the best quality at the same time.