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Behr Mahle 

Behr Mahle is a German car spare parts aftermarket company. It mostly provides filters, automotive air conditioning and engine cooling systems. Its headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

Behr Mahle products 

This company manufactures filters, pump systems and oil coolers for engine and transmission applications. all of this car parts are designed to improve the engine ‘s efficiency, service life and reduce emissions.

Behr Mahle car parts price

The price of this company’s products and all of the German aftermarket car spare parts brands are more reasonable than the original parts. Hiba Auto Parts is one of the best online car spare parts shop in Dubai and Sharjah. Hiba also provides the most qualified car spare parts with affordable prices.

Behr Mahle spare parts

This German company power train researches, develops and manufactures conventional combustion engines both as hybrid systems and electric units. The Behr Mahle spare parts are manufactured in Germany and 35 countries another the globe. This German company produces its spare parts for all German cars such as BMW , Porsche and Mercedes Benz. The price is much lower than the original parts and the quality is also acceptable.

Behr Mahle Products in Dubai & Sharjah

Hiba auto parts is the number one car spare parts online store in UAE which import the Behr Mahle products with the lowest price and in its best quality. so you provide your needed German after market spare parts from us.

what companies does Mahle supply for

Over 140 renowned vehicle manufacturers use Mahle engine components and filters. Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Ducati, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, General motors, Toyota, Volkswagen are among the manufacturers who use Mahle products for their cars.